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Wednesday, March 28, 2001
Well, this evening was pretty fun. I skiped DOS class this evening to catch the tail end of Fuddruckers car show. After that, I went over to an old friends house who I havn't seen in like 2 years. Just outa no where I am hanging out with them again. Great group of guys.

I heard a Flogging Molly concert is coming soon to the Galaxy. I forget what the dates where but I'll post em when I find out again. They are a pretty good band. If you havn't heard of them or seen them, you should check em out.

Tuesday, March 27, 2001
Ok, "Modern Addiction" is finally up. The world can now view it. I still have much to be done to the site, but I had to upload it. If some of you comming from or for "Bad Cars & Kustoms", this is still it. I have just been so swapmed with work and college, I never had time to update. I decided to go with a name I used for another site I had for a while, I felt the need for change. "Badcarskustoms" was up since I was a freshman in highschool. I think I have out grown that.. lol. If any of you are regulars... you can see the difference since I first started this site 5 years ago. This was the very first site I ever created before I knew html etc. Hope you all enjoy the new concept and hope to get some feedback. The link to the message board doesn't work yet.. but I am currently working on it. I am designing the images for the ubb. You'll wanna come back for that board though, its gonna be huge. Lots of threads from Customizing to Computers and web design/graphics. Lot of you rockabilly nerds such as myself will enjoy it I hope. I also have the name as well as so makes sure your bookmarks are up to date. Take care and hope you enjoy the new site!

- Mike

So far so good... I went in this morning for an interview and immediatly got hired! lol... I am excited and nervous all at the same time. Unfortenantly I am starting off as a Cashier, but hey... I need the cash flow, you know? hehe. I went to take a drug test just a while ago. Its hard to pee in those little cups :p.

The site is coming along pretty good, slowly but surely. I should have the rest of it up, or shall I say, at least construction pages. I may need some help from you peeps with hot rod pics. I have a ton but don't want to repost old stuff from when this site use to be Bad Cars & Kustoms. I'll post more on that later.

Monday, March 26, 2001
Looks as if it works! Time for me to hit the sack... I got that interview in the morning. I will finish the site tomorrow after it.

Have to run a quick test with some changes I made to the site...

Well good news everyone! CompUSA called me back... I set up an interview for tomorrow morning at 10am. I hope all goes well, I really need a job with steady income. I do however do web design on the side but thats never a for sure thing. Wish me luck on the interview.

Also... anyone looking for web design or graphics to be created? I need the income... trying to save up to move the hell outa this house.

Once again... back to work on this blogg! I added a new thing called blogg voices wich you can get over at I wanna thank Tina from for telling me about it! ;)

Lets do this again! haha... as you can see (if you happen to get to my site somehow) the site is still under construction. I am testing some things out now and should be up either tomorrow or a couple of days.

Testing this bad boy again with the new colors and new nickname! Hope it works!

Sunday, March 25, 2001
Testing the new layout with thist blogg... hope it works. *crosses fingers*